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An ECU Remap for your exotic car
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ECU Remapping your Turbo Diesel has
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Tuning your truck can improve your pulling
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Towing power is essential for any
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What is Diesel Tuning?

Diesel-TuningDiesel Tuning Remap is a re-flash of the engine management system which installs new software to change the operating parameters of the engine. Our Diesel Tuning software will alter parameters including throttle position, Fuel duration, boost pressures, torque limiters, boost limiters, fuel pressure limiters, lambda correction and many more. Diesel Tuning and Economy Tuning has become a huge industry over the last 15 years as the modern diesel engine has become fully electronic and therefore able to receive Turbo Diesel engine tuning and ECU Remapping.

What are the benefits of Diesel Tuning

Our Diesel Tuning will provide a much-improved drive with sharper throttle response, greater in gear flexibility, more power throughout the entire RPM range and will also improve your fuel economy.

Why choose Celtic Tuning for your Diesel Tuning?

A Celtic Tuning Remap provides performance increases that are not only both safe and reliable but also through our extensive development programs are also ahead of our competition in terms of power and performance. We are genuine software developers who write and develop all software in house, no third party software and no copy paste like the majority of UK tuners.

We work on all makes of ECU’s including Bosch EDC15 ECU Remap, Bosch EDC16 ECU Remap, Bosch EDC17 ECU Remap, Siemens ECU Remap, Delphi ECU Remap, Denso ECU Remap and Marelli ECU Remap to name just a few. As we develop all software in house we can adapt our Diesel Tuning software to suit your requirements.

We can provide all stages of Diesel Tuning from stage 1 upwards and can also accommodate injector changes, custom turbos, EGR Delete and much more. All of our software is developed in house using our 4WD linked dynamometers. We test and log all engine parameters under all load conditions to ensure that boost pressures are constant, fuelling is within the correct tolerances, exhaust gas temperatures are not too high and that there is no additional soot on turbo diesels.

Our Diesel Tuning software is the product of extensive development and puts us at the forefront of the tuning industry.

How to book your Diesel Tuning

In order to get more information on your particular vehicle please visit our request quote form and send us an enquiry, alternatively please contact us today on 0333 6000 669 to speak with an advisor.


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