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Alfa Romeo JTD Turbo Diesel Tuning

Alfa Romeo JTD Turbo Diesel Remapping

Are you looking to increase the power, torque and fuel economy of your Alfa Romeo JTD Turbo

Diesel?  With improved throttle response and faster acceleration?  Then Celtic Tuning has the answer...

Our Alfa Romeo JTD Turbo Diesel performance chips and Alfa Romeo remapping via the OBD port will substantially improve your Alfa Romeos performance and increase fuel economy!

Celtic Tuning is one of the market leaders and longest standing names in the industry.  We specialise in Alfa Romeo turbo diesel tuning and supply/fit Alfa Romeo performance chips for the older vehicles unable to take advantage of our Alfa Romeo remapping via OBD.

All of our Alfa Romeo turbo diesel tuning, Alfa Romeo JTD tuning, Alfa Romeo remapping via OBD and Alfa Romeo turbo diesel performance chips are done in house by our own software engineers.  We pride ourselves on our ability to reverse engineer an Alfa Romeo ECU to bring you the best and yet most reliable gains possible for your Alfa Romeo Turbo diesel.  Our Alfa Romeo Remap will continue to provide the same driving experience which you come to expect from your Alfa Romeo just enhanced with more power and performance in all the right areas.

The sole aim when developing Alfa Romeo diesel performance chips, performing Alfa Romeo remapping via OBD port or carrying out any form of Alfa Romeo turbo diesel tuning is always to obtain the perfect balance of power and increased fuel economy whilst ensuring reliability is kept at its optimum.

The essence of Alfa Romeo JTD tuning is all about the safe use of factory maximum tolerances. A lot of lesser tuners remove limitations without knowledge of consequences, our highly skilled software developers are engineers also so we tune with mechanical empathy at the forefront. Reliability is as important to us as it is to you...

Our guaranteed Alfa Romo JTD power gains and guaranteed fuel economy improvements are achieved by the fine and correct adjustments to parameters such as boost pressures, fuel injector durations, fuel pressures, fuel pump timing along with adjustments to electronic limiters set inside the ECU for the likes of torque limits, gear specific torque limits, throttle response limiters, top speed limiter and many more. All of these adjustments are programmed back into your ECU to create your very own unique Alfa Romeo JTD remap upgrade. We have a long standing name in the industry and as such we offer a lifetime warranty on the product with an incredible no quibble 14 day money back guarantee. Every Alfa Romeo turbo diesel tuning we carry out is done specific on your software using our own engineers, we DO NOT use any third party software unlike most others!

A Celtic Tuning Diesel Remap Will Give Your Alfa Romeo JTD the Following:

More Horsepower
More Horsepower.
More Torque
More Torque.
Improved Throttle Response
Improved Throttle Response.
Smoother Power Delivery
Smoother Power Delivery.
Safer Overtaking
Safer Overtaking.
Guaranteed Better Fuel Economy
Guaranteed Better Fuel Economy.


Additional options available for your Alfa Romeo turbo diesel tuning:

DPF Removal
Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF Delete)
EGR Delete
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Delete (EGR delete)
VMAX Removal
Maximum Speed limiter removal/Adjustment or Installation.

In most instances we are able to carry out your Alfa Romeo JTD Remap via OBD which means no opening of the vehicles ECU and no signs of tampering, the perfect solution. Where this is not feasible, we have the very latest technology which means we are able to carry out your Alfa Romeo JTD remap by MEDC17 Locked tricore processor boot mode. This enables to stay at the forefront of tuning and provide you with the best solutions first!

Once completed your Alfa Romeo JTD ECU Remap will have the following:

Money Back
A 14 day money back guarantee
Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime warranty on all OBD Port Remaps.
Improved Fuel Economy
Guaranteed better fuel economy on all Turbo Diesel remaps.

Celtic Tuning has developed an impeccable reputation for Alfa Romeo turbo diesel tuning and as a result we offer a 14 day money back guarantee which in essence means you can try before you buy... Once through the 14 day period you get the lifetime warranty on the product itself and we do of course guarantee that you will get more power and torque along with improved fuel economy from your Alfa Romeo Turbo Diesel Tuning.

With a global dealer network as far afield as Malaysia and South Korea we have grown to become one of the world's leading tuners for OEM engine management systems.

Please browse our database to find your Alfa Romeo Turbo Diesel tuning solution.

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