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news-SpiderBOOTThe Spider boot (pictured) is a new piggy back device which is soldered into most modern management systems which allows us to ensure you have the best chance of maintaining your dealer warranty.

Although it looks slightly invasive, the device is a fit and forget component which allows your vehicle to be subsequently tuned via the OBD port meaning it only requires opening once.

The device allows the ECU to go back to 100% standard tune with absolutely no trace of the tuning whatsoever. It also avoids flash counters being added and as such gives your vehicle the best chance of going through the dealers undetected.

Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi 134bhp Tuning RemapThe new Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi is the latest offering from the Korean manufacturer and is a truly impressive machine. Despite only having a 1.7 16v 4 cylinder diesel engine, it provides a claimed 134bhp and 236lbft torque giving very good and deceptive performance on the road. There is a good reason for this also, as on the dynamometer the vehicle produced an extremely impressive 151bhp and 248lbft giving it performance to match those of the outgoing 2.0 turbo diesels from other manufacturers.

Equipped with the latest EDC17 common rail diesel technology from Bosch, it is very well equipped and provides levels of refinement up there with the best in the market. After extensive development, aimed purely at a very linear power delivery to suit the C-Segments cruising abilities, we managed to achieve a very linear 178bhp and 277lbft giving it strong performance whilst maintaining the refined nature of the car. We actually managed to achieve more from this engine with ease; however, the goal with this wasn't maximum performance but more for improved refinement. A job well done...


Check KIA Optima Stats

VAG – Launch Control for EDC15P ECU'sWe are pleased to announce that we are able to provide launch control as part of our tuning upgrades. The system uses the standard engine management system and therefore can be included as part of our ECU Remap.

The launch control enables you to hold full throttle with the clutch depressed and it will maintain a fixed 2,500rpm for perfect launch when the clutch is engaged. This is available mainly for the 1.9 TDi PD range of engines fitted to most of the VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat range.

bmwThe latest 3.0d engine from BMW, the N57D30, runs the latest generation BOSCH EDC17 ECU controller with tuner protection and no OBD flash capability. The 245bhp engine is a superb base for tuning and in our hands is capable of producing 335bhp and a massive 475lbft torque. The power is so impressive it eclipses the N57D30T1 3.0 Twin turbo engine which produces 460lbft standard.

The good news for the E93 325d owners with 201bhp is that it is simply a factory detuned variant of the 245bhp, making 335bhp and 475lbft available to those who want it. Likewise, we are also to provide a more subtle power increase for those who don't want M3 destroying power.

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