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An ECU Remap for your exotic car
can significantly improve your driving


ECU Remapping your Turbo Diesel has
never been so easy. With improved power
and fuel economy one simple step away.


Tuning your truck can improve your pulling
power and fuel economy. See how Celtic
Tuning can help you and your fleet.


Towing power is essential for any
farmer. Improve the power and
fuel economy of your tractor with
an ECU Remap.


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Testimonial Ford Reviews

Ford B-Max 1.5 TDCi 73 bhp

Check Ford B-Max stats

Posted on 13th January 2020, 13:12

Thank you for the remap on my FORD BMAX. Carried out with efficiency and excellent service.

Your agent/ engineer was on time, most helpful and a joy to talk to. You could not have a more brilliant Ambassador for the company. While I did thank him I felt I needed to pass on my feelings to you.

From a very happy youthful Old Git.


United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Ford Focus 1.6 EcoBoost 147 bhp Petrol

Posted on 17th October 2019, 10:36

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Titanium X 147BHP to 209BHP and it feels like it.

It has transformed the car massively. Had it remapped just over a month now and managed to get 365MPG out of the first tank of fuel, which is what I was getting before the remap, and this included a lot of "testing". Driving sensibly at the moment and I think I will crack 400MPG.

Has a 14-day money-back guarantee but there was no chance I would have done that just based off the first test drive!

If you have a 1.6 Ecoboost, do it, you won't regret it.


FOLKESTONE, Kent, United Kingdom

Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi 113 bhp

Check Ford Focus stats

Posted on 21st February 2019, 11:32

Just want to express my surprise and thanks to you all at Celtic Tuning after mapping my car yesterday.

It was well worth the drive down to you from sunny Exmouth. I can’t believe how different my car feels and the gains you managed to get from my Ford Focus 1.6tdci.

Really didn’t expect to feel that much of a difference from a small Diesel engine. Even when driving home on cruise control you could feel it accelerating with more power than usual.

Thanks again


Devon, United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Transit Custom (Peperami)

Check Ford Transit Custom stats

Ford Transit Custom 2.2 TDCI EU5 100 bhp Diesel

Posted on 12th March 2018, 12:25

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Had a remap on my Transit Custom, it went from a Bowyers Sausage (Stodgy and Lifeless) to a Peperami (Bit of an Animal) in an hour.

Excellent service, will use again

Roger Francis

United Kingdom

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