COVID19 UPDATE - After the government announced the relaxation of social distancing for the service industry, we can confirm that from July 4th our mobile service will be fully operational. If you were placed on our waiting list, please feel free to contact us on 03336000669 to schedule your appointment or our team will be working through the list in due course. We do still have our self-tuning options available: Thank you for your patience during the past few months.


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Testimonial Honda Reviews

Great job Celtic!

Check Honda Civic stats

Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC 147 bhp Diesel

Posted on 21st April 2018, 10:11

Very professional service and great power output! Throttle response is so much better and definitely can feel power increase!

Just came back from the rolling road with and achived 212bhp.


Engineer, John guest

West drayton, Middlesex, United Kingdom

How it should of rolled out of the factory!

Check Honda CR-V stats

Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC 147 bhp Diesel

Posted on 17th April 2018, 21:41

Having owned a fair few Honda’s over the past years, (5 in the last 8yrs) it’s become a brand I’ve come to love and the CRV was one I had always book-marked for the “family/dogs” car. My much adored 2.4 petrol accord has now taken the position of my weekend/track toy, having spent thousands on tuning it, it became a unpractical race car for the road and thus I bought the 2010 2.2 crv idtec to be my new daily commuter and general family workhorse but I felt the power just wasn’t there.

Normally a diesel provides low range torque but it just felt gutless. I came across Celtic Tuning and saw the quoted figures, to be honest I did think at first it was to good to be true, the service is great, constant communication from head office and a very friendly and informative technician who came out to my work address to remap my car and after having the map done it really has unleashed the car’s true potential.

Instantly it felt smoother and more refined, don’t expect it to all of a sudden perform like a type r, it won’t, remember it’s still a large 4x4! so it’s never going to throw you back into your seat or blast off the lights, it just feels as if it’s how Honda intended it to be before it got de-tuned to fit within regulations or emission laws etc.

Thankyou CelticTuning, you’ve now created another car to pour my money into 🙂


Site Controller, Audi

Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Very happy with the work carried on my car!

Check Honda Civic stats

Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC 147 bhp Diesel

Posted on 30th March 2018, 06:07

Just had my 2.2 dtec remapped by Celtic Tuning. Very professional service, Scott who carried remap for me answered all my questions and was helpful. I went for 210bhp remap because in the past I had cars around 250-300hp and I’m kind of used to good acceleration. Much quicker throttle response and 0-62 is now around 7secs which previously we were looking at around 8.5 secs.

Very satisfied customer
5 star rating!

Ps let me know when you release stage 2 remap!


Mechanical engineer, John guest

United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC 147 bhp Diesel

Posted on 27th December 2017, 16:48

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Had the car tuned to improve torque + acceleration for my caravan holiday in the summer of 2017. I could feel the difference straight away as I drove back from their headquarters in Newquay. 7 months on it's been money well spent - so much better at pulling the caravan or when I have the car loaded with my kids.

Always felt the car was under powered, now it's a car that does as I'd hoped.

Thank you Celtic


United Kingdom

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