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Testimonial Mercedes Benz Reviews

Mercedes Benz Vito 114 Cdi 134 bhp

Check Mercedes Benz Vito stats

Posted on 28th February 2020, 14:39

I'd just like to say what a great job you folks at Celtic did on the remap of my 114 Vito. When I bought the van, I was initially disappointed.

I called Celtic and the staff were very helpful. I booked the date and the tech turned up on time and did then work. A week later I called back to say the Merc remap file was not what is expected, performance-wise, Again the staff were very helpful and rebooked the tech to put the 240bhp file on the van.

The result was dramatic, it pulls really well all the way to high revs(I haven't tried past 3500rpm) although most of the time I drive it between 1200-2300rpm and its great such an improvement.
The more i get used to it the better the mpg i get .... drove it back from Lakes on A66 and got 49.8mpg average on the journey ...thats fantastic for a big van imo.

Thanks Celtic for the great job.

Martin- Middlesbrough


United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Mercedes Benz A Class A35 AMG 301 bhp

Check Mercedes Benz A Class stats

Posted on 11th February 2020, 12:59

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

I had the stage 1 tune added to my AMG A35 today by Jamie!

I am over the moon with the difference in the car's ability now performance wise!

My main reason for contacting you all there at Celtic Tuning is to commend Jamie!

This Guy is a true Gentleman and conducts himself in a very professional manner! From start to finish he had every situation under control. He is an asset and a credit to you there at Celtic Tuning!

I am not on any social media sites, so this is the only way I can put something together in writing to pass forward to the senior management if that could be possible, please.

Once again thank you all so much, you can count on me to let as many people know of your great tuning company!


United Kingdom

Wish I’d done it sooner

Check Mercedes Benz E Class stats

Mercedes Benz E Class E350 CDI BlueEFF 227 bhp Diesel

Posted on 27th November 2019, 10:37

Had my ‘59 plate Mercedes E350cdi for about 5 years now and after a couple of years started researching tuning options knowing there were performance and efficiency gains to be had on such a diesel. A great car and was a bit anxious about reliability issues following a stage 1 tune as I’ve never had to do a thing on the car other than usual consumable items, pads, discs, wipers, tyres etc. The car is pretty much bulletproof and good for at least another 150k that it currently has on the odometer.

Lovely guy came out from Celtic to my place of work and within the hour after ECU whipped out from under front wheel arch, the remap was done and I was out for a quick test drive.

The increase in power is even more than I could have hoped for - +63bhp and +77lb/ft is suggested and whilst only a session on a rolling road would prove it, I’ve little doubt it’s all there. I’ve noticed from 40mph particularly it is now a hoot and joint a motorway even more effortless than before.

The car has never been a sports car but even more of an effortless performance cruiser than previously. It’s actually made me decide to keep the car for a couple more years. As such a bargain of a thing to have done and if I do get the BMW 640d I’ve promised myself next, the tuning guy said they can do wonders for that too, getting 313bhp to nearer 400bhp.

Can’t comment on mpg gains at this stage as I keep marvelling at the extra grunt I’ve got. Great communication from Celtic and an effortless process.


K Hales

United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 218-518 CDi 184 bhp

Check Mercedes Benz Sprinter stats

Posted on 18th September 2019, 11:56

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

I've just had my Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome remapped by Celtic. Because I use the motorhome for towing I wanted an emphasis on extra torque, which Celtic were able to do. They can provide a tune to suit your individual requirements, it is not a "one size fits all" service.

The increase in power was immediately noticeable, a nice linear flow, with no exhaust smoke; unlike a previous tune I had by another Company on a Fiat motorhome.

The real test came on my return trip to Devon. The hills on the A30, crossing Bodmin Moor and the fringes of Dartmoor, were ascended with satisfying ease. And to top it all there was an improvement in fuel consumption.

Good service, friendly staff and a great product = one delighted customer.

Rodney Eyles

United Kingdom

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