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Testimonial Peugeot Reviews

Peugeot 308 2.0 BlueHDI 147 bhp

Check Peugeot 308 stats

Posted on 25th March 2020, 14:45

Faster, smoother and more efficient!

Purchased a stage 1 remap for my 308 which was carried out at my workplace in around half an hour. The change was very apparent, with the extra power and torque instantly noticeable.

I was just as surprised by how much smoother the engine delivered the power, it no longer has flat spots in the rev range.

I haven’t had it long enough to see the full effect on fuel economy, but I reset my trip computer after having it done and it is already 2mpg higher than before.


United Kingdom

Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi 136 bhp

Check Peugeot 307 stats

Posted on 26th July 2018, 18:38

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Well I had the remap today and instantly noticed the car would hold lower speeds in higher gears and was more eager to go. I couldn’t really floor it because of rush hour traffic but roundabouts and hills were much easier so I’m pretty happy.

Kevin was simply brill and we both share an enthusiasm for cars. I’ve been advised it will take a few miles to bed in the power increase but I’ll soon be there so hats off to Celtic Tuning and would defo use again.


poole, United Kingdom

Peugeot Boxer 2.2 HDi 130 bhp Diesel

Posted on 3rd April 2018, 20:54

We have just had our motorhome remapped to improve fuel economy and driving command.

This has been the second motorhome Celtic Tuning has remapped for us, again what a difference the van is not only with fuel economy but how the vehicle drives with more ease on the road managing to negotiate the hills and flats with so little ease.

The staff are very friendly putting you at ease when you arrive, free tea and coffee while we waited in a nice lounge area for our van.

Trevor Bayton

Falmouth, United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Peugeot 407 2.7 V6 HDi 205 bhp

Check Peugeot 407 stats

Posted on 15th May 2015, 15:14

From the first moment I drove the car, you could tell the massive difference this work has done to the car; it feels like it should have always done. It does feel like a different car and the engine really seems to live up to its potential.

I do 40,000 miles plus a year and this car with 130,000 on it feels perky and fresh. I am looking forward to using the extra performance and the additional fuel economy when I am not!

(My previous car was reprogrammed and the manufacturer mechanics claimed it was the fastest version they had ever driven and I achieved over 54 mpg from a 2.4 TD on average over 100,000 miles).

Celtic Tuning is professional to deal with and would recommend this investment to anyone.

Barrie Hill

United Kingdom

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