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Testimonial Seat Reviews

Best ever long mulled over decision ever

Check Seat Ibiza stats

Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI 103 bhp Petrol

Posted on 23rd February 2023, 12:25

"Seat Ibiza FR - Stage 1 reMap: The engineer turned up nice and early, I ask if there was anything he needed... 'no mate just the key'.Two cups of tea later, all done, invoice paid via debit card... who process could not have been easier!Now, for the difference: Immediate difference, totally noticeable, the lag from toe to torque is halved at least.1st to 2nd is slightly smoother, 2nd to 3rd @ 2k rpm is just lovely... very very smooth... 3rd to 4th @ 3k rpm and 4th to 5th @ 3k rpm is just pulls and pulls.. no in an extreme boy racer way, but actual better response up and back down the gears.I previously had a 2.0 Golf GTI... am not saying the Ibiza is the same, but it actually drives better than the golf did. I've have nothing but good things to say about Celtic - highly recommend"


Whickham, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Stage1 Leon FR 2016

Check Seat Leon stats

Seat Leon 2.0 TDI FR 181 bhp Diesel

Posted on 22nd October 2019, 22:03

Not an actual picture of the tuned car


Being the first time I’ve ever had a car remapped, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The whole process took about an hour. Instantly on the test drive, as I was waiting for the engine to warm up, I noticed the throttle response was much sharper, more playful, and the car felt even more comfortable at very low revs. I must admit, I didn’t fully realise how much the car had changed during the test drive. I did open the taps, and noticed the increased “oomf”. But I barely went over 3000 rpm so didn’t know the full story.

On my drive home that evening, I went beyond 3000 rpm, upwards of 4500rpm. This is now a different animal, it pulls like a train and only really comes into its own at around 3500 / 4000 rpm, it feels insanely quick! It’s a bit quicker below 3000 rpm, but from then on it’s in a completely different ball game. I genuinely think it could keep up with a Golf R, or atleast get close to it!

The best thing is, the power delivery is still smooth, it’s just that it lasts so much longer. I’ll need to change the way I drive to fully appreciate it, if before I would have changed up a gear to keep on the power, I now stay in the same gear.

Most fun from this map? 4th gear, 3000 rpm. Floor it!!


United Kingdom

Seat Ibiza 2.0 TDI CR 140 bhp

Check Seat Ibiza stats

Posted on 26th October 2018, 12:01

Awesome service, had remap from 143hp to 190hp very happy. Would recommend to anyone.

Daniel Suter

, South Wales fire service

Cardiff, Please select region, state or province, United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Seat Leon 2.0 TDI PD 167 bhp

Check Seat Leon stats

Posted on 1st November 2017, 15:16

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Would highly recommend Celtic Tuning, the staff were very helpful in helping to locate my cars problem which I managed to fix myself.

Many thanks.

Glyn Shrubb


St Austell,, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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