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Testimonial Skoda Reviews

Skoda Citigo 1.0 12v 59 bhp

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Posted on 2nd April 2023, 18:19

OK, I have a Skoda Citigo with a listed 59BHP which could do with a little help with the hills around where I live. Drove down to Newquay to have the upgrade done in July 2022 after 9 months of ownership. This was probably the least powerful car they had had all year. But was met with respect and left the car with them while I went to have some breakfast at the local garden centre - also recommended. Came back and was left to test drive the car on unfamiliar roads on the hottest day of the year. Definite improvement noticed. On the drive home noticed it pulled much better on the motorway. Now after 9 months driving around the known local roads it just works better all the time. Looking at the graph provided we find that BHP is up to 84 from an actual 66 before. It also doesn’t peak /run out of power at 5.5K rpm and will now continue until 6.5K rpm, useful for those hills / overtakes. Torque is also up by just less than 10% throughout the rev range but peak torque happens almost 1K rpm lower. So, the effect is better than just bald figures would suggest. Fuel consumption has also, just, improved compared to the first 9 months of ownership. So, has it made my 999 cc three cylinder non turbo petrol car in to a GTI? No, but it is easier / faster to drive with no downsides except it will make me want to do the same with other cars. Don’t hesitate to have your car done.Thanks. Citigo Go.

Brian Tarling

STURMINSTER NEWTON, Dorset, United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car


Check Skoda Octavia stats

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI Vrs 226 bhp Petrol

Posted on 20th September 2020, 21:46

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Hi, I drove to Celtic Tuning HQ a few weeks ago to have my VRS remapped. My car is actually the 242hp version with the 7-speed DSG. I was very impressed with the greeting I received and all the information I received about the potential I gains I could expect. I went for a walk into Newquay whilst the remap was done and then it went on the rolling road. The car was ready on time and they suggested I took the car for a spin before I drove home and I was amazed at the torque and bhp gains. It drives like a totally different car and the way it should feel and handle!!! I was happy with the performance of the car before the remap but now I'm over the moon with it!!I would recommend Celtic Tuning to anyone looking to having their car remapped. They are very professional and will answer any questions asked. I am over the moon with my car now and have saved myself many thousands of pounds on buying a car like a Golf R with a similar bhp. I am pleased that they have a rolling road as it proved the bhp and torque gains I now have and that is a huge plus on other companies who don't have rolling roads and who claim the gains you have without being able to prove it! This also enables Celtic Tuning to tweak the remaps to the exact setup of your car!!!! I will definitely be using Celtic Tuning again when I change the car in the future. But that may be many years away as I'm so pleased with the job that they have done and how they have transformed my VRS!!!

Jon Gaynor


Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom

Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI VRS 130 bhp

Check Skoda Fabia stats

Posted on 4th January 2018, 10:01

Dear all,

Just wanted to make the time to say a big thanks for sorting out my VRS yesterday.

Finding out that someone had already re-mapped it wasn’t that much of a surprise but I was worried about the software that had been uploaded.

The drive back to Bath was much more “enjoyable” for 2 reasons:

1) I had the peace of mind knowing that your software was now in the system.

2) The ‘smoothness’ on the uptake of the turbo just made it so much more fun.

So, once again.....many thanks.


United Kingdom

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Great service and Great Product

Check Skoda Roomster stats

Skoda Roomster 1.9 TDI PD 105 bhp Diesel

Posted on 14th September 2017, 19:24

Not an actual picture of the tuned car

Great value product that really unlocked the potential of the engine, Alot more power through all the gears and about 3-4 more mpg.

Cameron, the technician, was professional and friendly. And I liked that the van was so clean.

Definitely recommend.


Englefield green, Surrey, United Kingdom

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