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An ECU Remap for your exotic car
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ECU Remapping your Turbo Diesel has
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Tuning your truck can improve your pulling
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Towing power is essential for any
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Hybrid turbo

Why choose a Hybrid Turbo

A turbo charger is designed to force more air into the engine which subsequently allows for more fuel and therefore more power… although the design of a turbo charger is crucial to its performance and more so reliability. Most tuners think that simply winding up the boost and adding fuel is a set formula for power and a happy customer but this isn’t the case.

A turbo charger operates at a set speed based on pressure recorded at the MAP sensor which is deemed the reliable operating speed, albeit with a margin of safety. The mass of air forced through the turbo at this speed is a result of the efficiencies of the turbo, not just the pressure it is set to run at. There are many components inside a turbo and although they make look identical externally, the technology and development internally is what sets turbos apart.

So why go for a hybrid turbo? The answer is simple… best performance with maintained reliability.

The whole point of a hybrid is that it is designed to produce a greater mass of air at the same speed (boost pressure) and therefore you can add more fuel and get more power without increasing the speed of the turbine. Another reason to go hybrid is that they are designed to spin faster and therefore for big power applications you can get even greater air flow through the engine by raising the speed and still maintaining reliability. There is always a pay off with hybrids in terms of lag and power but a well-designed and purpose built application will overcome these shortfalls. We have been working with Turbo Dynamics ( for a number of years now and with their facilities and design capabilities they deliver every time!

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