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Tuning Box V ECU Remap

Remap vs Tuning Box which should you choose?

ECU Remap V Tuning BoxThe age old rivalry between tuning boxes and remaps has long been discussed between tuners and more so on forums. Well today we have had the chance to test yet another well-known tuning module against out software to see which one actually produces more power…

A diesel tuning box is essentially a trick device which interrupts the signals to the fuelling system in order to provide more diesel and hence more power from the engine. The level of control is quite primitive in that it mainly controls just fuel pressure and fuel duration.

A tuner who is able to write software and customise it, like ourselves, has the ability to access all the controls of the engine not just the fuel pressure and fuel duration. There is much more to tuning a diesel engine than just adding diesel… in addition to fuel pressure and fuel duration we are also able to manipulate boost pressure, boost limiters, fly by wire throttle, engine torque limiters, lambda correction, maximum speed limiters, RPM limiters and much more…

With modern emission controls getting ever more stringent it is essential to ensure the Air/Fuel ratios of an engine are around stoichiometric… with most tuning boxes this is impossible as there is no additional control for boost pressure and as such any increase in fuel simply enriches the mixture. The most common issue surrounding this is DPF failure as any additional soot content causes premature DPF compaction. Our Diesel tuning software is designed to ensure perfect fuel mixtures which ensures optimum power and maintained longevity of emission control components.

So what’s best? Tuning box or Remap? Well the tuning box made an increase of 21.6bhp and 19lbft whereas our ECU remap made 47.1bhp and 50.2lbft… The main factor in choosing a remap over a tuning box is that every companies software is different and it is essential that it is developed properly to ensure good power comes with maintained longevity of engine components…. A remap isn’t just a remap… it’s the end result of one person’s individual knowledge!

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